TGMR is a little window of heaven in a busy world

entrance-for-tgmrSet on 15 beautiful acres in Orefield, PA, the ranch is a permanent home for over 50 animals rescued from abuse or neglect. For many sanctuaries, this would be the end of the mission. But TGMR takes the rescuing one step further. The animals are trained and socialized to become co-therapists for people suffering from emotional or mental trauma. In essence, the animals, who were once unwanted, find a new life by helping others.


The Open Gate Farm Tour on October 18th

OPEN GATE FARM TOUR                                    
Sunday, October 18th, 2015


Join us on October 18th for a Petting Zoo, Bake Sale, Yard Sale, Donkey Cart Rides, Raffle and Live Music from Banned from the Ranch!

All donations towards Andrew & Bond Picador, Princess Pony, & Old Man Jacob.

The Gress Mountain Ranch is involved with the Lehigh County Cooperative Extension, and as part of The Open Gate Farm Tour, the ranch will be hosting this event.

The Gress Mountain Ranch is a sanctuary where abused and neglected animals are given life-long care to recover and thrive. In turn, the animals become therapy animals and have a job to help people learn to improve their self-worth, communication skills, and learn respect for all living beings.

Download the Open Gate Farm Tour 2015 PDF