All donations big and small are appreciated. Can’t make a monetary donation? Become a VOLUNTEER. Or check out our WISH LIST for household items we need.

A Big “Thank You!” To…

…Zupreem and Lori for their donations of timothy hay, rabbit pellets, and parakeet bird food.

…Tammy, Anthony, Elizabeth, Samantha, and Chris from Fisher Clinical Services, who came over for a day to help clean and organize supplies in the basement. They will be returning two more times to help out during the summer.

Petco Foundation awarded TGMR $7,800 for new multi-purpose room

In response to our application “Renovation of Multi-Purpose Animal and Activity Room” The Petco Foundation generously provided $7,800 in funds to meet a critical need for The Gress Mountain Ranch. Our spacious animal and activity room within the ranch house was the indoor hub of The Gress Mountain Ranch, and had been long past-due for a new floor and renovation. The room’s many functions included animal housing, computer workstation for the non-profit charity, and seating for volunteer, education, activity, and therapy groups. The twelve rescued animals that called this space ‘home’ are five rabbits (including a Flemish Giant Bunny), a guinea pig, four cats, and two Great Pyrenees dogs.

Lehigh Valley Health Network & The Bill Sugra Memorial Fund

In the summer of 2013, The Gress Mountain Ranch offered an inspired and unique youth therapy program “Learning to Connect”, using Animal-Assisted Group Therapy for youth who benefited from a safe, clinically-directed group that encourages learning and practicing healthy behaviors. TGMR received awards from The Lehigh Valley Health Network and the Bill Sugra Memorial Fund to assist in launching this pilot program We are extremely grateful for their recognition of the work done at TGMR, and for their faith in our new program.” To learn more about the good works of The Bill Sugra Memorial Fund, please visit: www.billsugramemorialfund.org.