Therapy (Counseling) Services & Animal-Assisted Activities


Dude1Our mission is to support children, adolescents and adults with physical, intellectual, emotional, social, and/or behavioral difficulties through the use of meaningful creative expressive work thus incorporating and the partnering of therapy animals. Our program is a not-for-profit endeavor aimed at providing professional expressive therapy services for folks of all walks of life..

Benefits of Creative Expressive Services with Animal-Assisted Activities

Enhance fine and gross motor skills in a creative and fun environment
Increase balance and develop physical endurance
Increase range of motion

Promote focus, attention, and task completion
Enhance memory, sequencing, and organization

Promote calmness
Increase self-confidence
Encourage self-expression
Create a sense of empowerment

Teach empathy and care-taking
Enhance social interaction
Establish a sense of normalcy in a non-judgmental environment
Stimulate language and self-expression

Promote kindness and gentleness
Establish good behaviors through positive reinforcement and encouragement in a supervised environment
Build self-esteem


Getting started in Creative Expressive Services partnered with Animal-Assisted Activities at The Gress Mountain Ranch
An initial evaluation is required prior to commencing the program to establish therapy goals. Parents (or legal guardians) are required to participate in the evaluation process with their child/adolescent. Therapy goals are established collaboratively with the child/adolescent, the parent(s), and the therapist.

Therapy Sessions
Therapy sessions are 50 minutes sessions (parents or legal guardians may request 80 minute sessions for children aged 12 years or older – depending on the assessment). Your child/adolescent and likewise an  adult are encouraged to wear comfortable clothing to therapy sessions.

Therapy, creative expressive work is by appointment.


This is a not-for-profit endeavor aimed at providing therapyl Services with Animal-Assisted Activities to children, adolescents and some adults from low-income families. Fees are on a sliding scale.  All monies gained from the program go directly to the animals to help provide them with much needed food supplies, veterinarian services, and shelter.


To set up an initial evaluation for your child/adolescent or an adult for creative expressive work & Animal-Assisted Activities contact Kathryn Gress at 610-398-2122.