Recognition of our Volunteers & Interns

TGMR is very fortunate to have volunteers such as Jim and Erina, two very dedicated and caring volunteers here at TGMR. Jim has helped Ben on weekly activities for the ranch, from cleaning the Duck pond, to helping Ben, put up a large acre fencing project. Erina regularly helps Kathryn with animal care around the ranch. We are truly grateful to Jim and Erina every day.

This nice area is secure, and takes care of one pony, Princess Pony, one minature, horse, MiMi, one lamb, Freddie, and 4 pot-bellied pigges, Hamlet, Scooter, Bruizer, (Jim’s favorite) and Gypsy Queen. Weekly, Jim will stop, if donations of produce are available and pick them up locally and bring them over for the animals to TGMR.

We are so very Proud of Jim and getting several big projects done and completed for the ranch and the animals that call TGMR their forever “home.”

What Volunteers are Saying…

“I am very fortunate that Kathryn and Ben Gress have always made horses and riding accessible to me.  They allowed me to gain experience, quality training, and most importantly, have instilled in me a passion and love for horses.” Julia Fox




Clare helping with Cookie with Jim the farrier

The Gress Mountain Ranch is a great place to gain valuable experience with such a large variety of animals. They each have very unique personalities and are so lucky to have fallen into the hands of Kathryn and Ben Gress. Their care for these animals goes above and beyond feeding. They include cleaning, vet visits, and special care giving during all kinds of weather. Kathryn teaches me something new every visit and is really helping me grow as an aspiring Veterinary Technician. Her kind, caring, and positive attitude is very inspiring amongst the chaos of taking care of so many animals. It really shows the compassion she has for all the animals and endurance to keep the ranch going. I am so grateful to have the opportunity to volunteer at such a unique and well-kept ranch. I encourage The Gress Mountain Ranch to anyone looking for experience with small and large animals or anyone with a love for animals looking to volunteer. Kathryn is a great teacher with a lot of knowledge and experience in animal care. It’s an amazing environment that has been created right here in our area. Thank you Kathryn and Ben Gress, for keeping The Gress Mountain Ranch going. Your love for animals is unconditional, they are really given the best life possible and it is truly a treasure to be a part of.

– Clare

Thank you most kindly for this thoughtful and caring review for The Gress Mountain Ranch. As the founder along with my husband Ben we work and dedicate our lives to providing good quality care. Teaching other people and allowing “hands on experience” is our goal and part of the mission of TGMR. Clare makes my “Monday” so special and relaxed with her true dedication, her ability to learn a challenging ever changing volunteer experience with Large/small and some exotic animals. TGMR is very fortunate and blessed to have Clare. Her learning experience at the ranch with these animals and the Gress folks will serve her well in her future endeavors. Clare, Thanks for being part of the Gress family ranch.