GROUP PROJECT: Need a Scout project? Looking for a volunteer opportunity for your youth group? How about a community outreach venture for your employees? Below is a wish list of projects and items we need to continue to make The Gress Mountain Ranch a driving force in our community. Some of items are suitable for Scout projects. Others are are large items that will need fundraising drives to purchase.

DAY OF CARING: TGMR has been grateful for the generous spirits of many Lehigh Valley businesses and their employees. Get your staff out of the office and into the community for a Day of Caring. Tasks include: yard maintenance, stock inventory, general repairs, fundraising and craft-making.
If you have a youth group or employee group interested in helping, please CONTACT Kathryn. Individual volunteers are always needed for everyday maintenance, fundraising and administrative tasks too. Check out the VOLUNTEER page for more information.

  1. Heated Small Animal Barn. Currently our small animals (rabbits, guinea pigs, etc) are housed in the therapy room/office. Though we enjoy having the little critters around, it’s getting a bit cramped. The best solution, and one that would allow us to rescue more animals, would be the construction of a small animal barn. This project would include the design and construction of a small heated barn, as well as raising the funds for the project.
  2. Duck Enclosure. We have several ducks living in the heart of the ranch at the moment without an official place to call their own! This project would need to be fox-proof and weather-proof, and would make an enormous difference for the health and happiness of our animals.
  3. Educational Signage. TGMR hosts groups of all ages for event around the calendar year. Help us educate the public on animal care and the history of TGMR animals by installing appropriate signs around the ranch. This project includes designing the signs, raising funds and installation.
  4. Truck. We bring our animals all over the Lehigh Valley and beyond to share them with others. Because of this we put a lot of wear and tear on our vehicles. Our current truck requires regular maintenance to keep it going. We need a new vehicle to continue to reach out to the community with our therapy animals. This project would be a great fundraiser for the employees of a large business or youth group.
  5. Extended Trailer Transport. How do you bring 2 alpacas, 2 donkeys, 2 goats and 2 ponies to a parade? You don’t. Unless you have an extended trailer transport. TGMR has been pleased to participate in many local parades including the Allentown Halloween Parade and the Redhill hometown horse parade. Without the proper transport, we can only bring 2 animals per vehicle. Help us share our wonderful therapy animals with the community. This project would be a great fundraiser for the employees of a large business or youth group.
  6. Labyrinth. The heart of The Gress Mountain Ranch mission is learning and self-enrichment through work and play activities. As we reach a larger population, especially youth groups we are looking for new ideas that will beautify the property, provide a home for wild or domestic animals and entertain visitors. A maze or labyrinth would fulfill all these requirements. Project includes design and construction of the labyrinth as well as raising the funds for the project.
  7. Fencing. Currently, TGMR relies on electric fencing for over have its pastures. Electric fences are delicate, they don’t hold back deer and are a constant headache for repairs. Replacing the existing fencing with rail fences (some may need chicken wire) would reduce costs and labor to the ranch. Because there is a lot of fence to replace, this project may be split into smaller, more manageable projects. It would include, raising funds, design and installation of fence.
  8. Bachelor Pad Duck Roof. Fix the roof and make an overhang to drain the water on the Bachelor Pad Duck area barn.
  9. Maintenance. Fix the front rails of the North pasture and two doors on the outside entrance of the big barn.