Kathryn’s Birthday Fundraiser

For Kathryn’s birthday this year, Ben and Kathryn are asking for donations to The Gress Mountain Ranch.

“We have chosen this public charity because their mission of ‘Animals Helping People & People Helping Animals’ is where we want to continue to best help others, both people and animals.”

Sasha, our new Pyrenean Mastiff puppy’s name means “HELPER of Mankind.”

Ben and Kathryn, the founders of this “dream” hope you will consider contributing as a way to celebrate with Kathryn.

Please help support TGMR, as we enter the 25th year of therapeutic work for both animals and people. Every little bit will help TGMR reach our goal.

Mission: Animals Helping People & People Helping Animals
The Gress Mountain Ranch is dedicated to the mutual well being of humans and animals