Please Be Our Angel!

Be-An-Angel-2014-revised-11_12_2014-Final-FlyerThe Morning Call’s “Be An Angel Campaign” is here for 2014!

Wish Number One: Sponsorships $200.00 per child per week for underprivileged children for “Ranch Camp” a summer day camp for  low-income families. Needed: Soaps, Journals, Gatorades, Juices

Wish Number Two:   Gift cards for Tractor Supply, Bird Mania, Quakertown Vet Clinic, Country Doctor, Highland Animal Hospital, Lowes, Home Depot, Weis, Wegman’s for 65 animals’ needs.

Wish Number Three: Monetary Donations, Laptop Computer, Timothy hay, Pine shavings, Clumping litter, Purina dry & moist cat food, Shredded Wheat, Duck, Potbellied Pig, and Alpaca Pelleted Food, and Bird Millet Sprays or Sponsor one of our 65 animals! Be An Angel!!

The Morning Call “Be An Angel Campaign”

We Love You, Elle


Tuesday, May 22, 2012. Today, we lost a wonderful free spirit. Elle, our amazing Belgian draft mare, passed away peacefully. Elle was over 27 years old and still full of life. Her mind was clear and her heart full of love until the end. Unfortunately, her body couldn’t keep up with her youthful soul. Elle suffered from arthritis and ring bone. After two major falls this past winter, we knew her next fall would be her last, but she surprised us all when she stood up by herself after two falls in 24 hours.

Elle was loved by all the Gress family and volunteers. She was the matriarch of the ranch, full of kindness and gentleness–a special horse that did it all for both people and animals. Everyone misses her dearly, but we know that Elle would want us to continue the important mission of helping animals and people.

Read Elle’s inspiring story on her MEMORIAL page.
Leave a dedication to Elle in our GUESTBOOK.