Kathryn’s Birthday Fundraiser!




For Kathryn’s birthday this year, The Gress Mountain Ranch is asking for donations to support the animals. 

TGMR is in its 21st year. It’s a lot of years devoted to animals of all walks of life, caring for them, providing a “forever” home, and guiding them when they cross the rainbow bridge.
The most unique & intimate human-animal bond like no other is connected in hopes of TGMR’s mission. Animals Helping People & People Helping Animals.
It’s been Kathryn’s life long dream, when she first took her step into the pathway of nursing. Kathryn has chosen this public charity because their mission and the true dedication 2 Gress folks have given in these years.
TGMR’s hope is that you’ll consider contributing as a way to celebrate with Kathryn. Every little bit will help TGMR reach this goal and hopefully, continue alittle longer.
Thank you from the Animals & 2 Gress Folks, for your support, your care, & your love, FB friends.
100% of your donation goes directly to the TGMR public charity.


Help Needed! Animal rescue struggles to get food to animals after storm, asks for volunteers to help clear snow



“The 15-acre non-profit animal rescue is buried.

‘It’s been a long three days, just spending a ton of time moving this snow around’ Kathryn says.

The Gress’ and their volunteer, Sharon Sowers, are having a tough time getting food to the more than 90 animals there.

‘Every gate is the same way,’ as they struggle to open it against the snow to get in and feed the animals.”