Princess Pony

It is of the heaviest Heart & Soul I write this post.
Princess Pony fell and was down when we entered her stall today. She was calling, and Kathryn called Ben, together, we got her up again on her hooves. She had this time an injury, appeared in her knee, but it was actually, in her shoulder, when the ER Vet came out.
Earlier, Kathryn spoke with Dr. Wilbers, and we did and did do all that was recommended, but it was not helping. Then Dr. Murphy, the ER vet came out….to learn it was her shoulder…
Kathryn & Ben had to make a very difficult decision, but long term the right, to stop the pain and discomfort for Princess Pony. We made the decision to euthanize her.
She went quickly and peacefully. Princess Pony touched so many from “pony” rides, to taking her geriatric walks around the ranch by her own. Princess Pony was from a bad divorce, where she was not cared for or fed for a whole week. We were so glad to rescue her and her daughter Cookie. MiMi, has been calling for Princess Pony today…..It’s so very sad, full of grief and loss.
Princess Pony, she was our “Queen” of the ranch,and did have a golden Life here at TGMR. She was 40 years old, with a brain tumor, no teeth, almost blind, but she got around herself, until today. I am full of tears…..Live Long Princess Pony in memory…and in our hearts

Kathryn Gress Birthday Fundraiser

For my birthday this year, I’m asking for donations to The Gress Mountain Ranch Animals. Our public charity is my lifelong dream for both the animals and the people we serve. These animals are our Teachers, Healers, & Friends.

We are an older couple, caring for over 100+ large/small, and some exotic animals. The Gress Mountain Ranch’s mission has meant a lot to us for almost 23 years in Orefield, Pennsylvania.

I do hope you’ll consider contributing as a way to celebrate with me. Every little bit will help us reach our goal to help our animals.

The goal is for prescription food and all the medical treatment and services for our Great Pyrenees dogs, Winston and Penny, who have pancreas and liver disease. Smokey, our sweet gray cat also has pancreatic disease.

And then there is “Princess Pony” for her specific food, medications, and horse care. These 4 animals have needed ongoing specialized medical care that will continue throughout their lives.

Facebook pays all the processing fees for you, so 100% of your donation goes directly to our nonprofit.

Please share our little bit of heaven on earth for all the Animals at The Gress Mountain Ranch. You are all part of the Gress Family Ranch. Thank you all. The link to the fundraiser is below:[post_id]=4827443570626090&__cft__[0]=AZWWG12l8Yn-yErIt81J_XHZ1UKhgk4UCLy6G6G9tmC9E1v0rIzJok8zgGrluwZlV8QcAab6-yMMHgRi6gO0TcdjC2vuo0fB7OkZ9K8CbEF5llYsyem9R1RvXpQxcphdpY4oeIRaB7vBkjyndvxP66m1FbLfqhZCZSWJgt35PFBvpg&__tn__=H-R