Patty Snell awarded The Spirit of Volunteering Award

Patty Snell was awarded The Spirit of Volunteering Award 2018 by the LV Volunteer Center. Patty was nominated by The Gress Mountain Ranch for her action-oriented volunteering and care & concern for the animals at TGMR.

We here at TGMR think and know how it’s so important to acknowledge Patty, our “Spirit of Volunteerism”.

Patty Snell-A special one of a kind lady. August 16 2018

Patty Snell with our rescue horse Blue (Percheron/Saddlebred Horse).

Patty deserves this recognition. She never asks for anything in return, but sincerely gives of her heart dearly. Patty, has “the spirit”, she has the drive, the get up & GO, and Patty is genuine & truly cares for the welfare of the mission of TGMR.

Animals Helping People & People Helping Animals. Helping neglected, abused, thrown away animals: from chinchilla to Draft horses, peacocks to Stanley Llama, get a Wonderful Chance at Life here at TGMR. These animals are all trained each and every day to then help “People”-very child centered, teens, adults, older folks, enhance & develop a “better version of being a “person” through AAA/AAT.

Patty assists in training & socialization programs for all the animals. Patty bridges & connects “People” by partnering with the animals in our specific programs of community outreach. TGMR’s specific & special needs are addressed by Patty. She activitely participates at Ranch Camp, at Be An Angel Campaign, at the Open Gate Farm Tour Open House for TGMR, at Burnside Plantation for Apple Days, and Kriedersiville Bridge festival to name just a few events. She is at everyone of TGMR’s events. In addition, Patty gives of her time as a volunteer & Chairperson on TGMR board of directors for obtaining donations & contributions needed to run the operation of TGMR. Her impact and what difference her volunteer service has made ” Stands Out in a Crowd” for TGMR.

Patty has committed to date 461 hours and still climbing. That is a lot of hours when you work M-F. Patty is quite a smaller lady, but makes up for this in the way she “moves mountains” to help TGMR. Patty is Very persistent & will call, show up at a business & “campaign” for the needs of TGMR. Her Driven spirit & successful efforts on the Be An Angel Campaign for TGMR was MORE than doubled over all of the previous years for our public charity. Patty is out there cheer-leading for TGMR daily, collecting donations, doing “hands on labor-manuere management for the Big HORSE Blue,(she is not afraid to get dirty) and getting volunteers to bake for fundraisers, enlisting business to contribute donations and/or funds for TGMR.

Patty is a VERY hard worker and can talk to people of all walks of life. Patty does all of these focused activities for the benefit of helping the ranch, the children, teens, adults, and of course the animals.   These animals and the people we serve Matter to Patty. She is a truly individual lady from a smaller company, a elementary school in Northampton Pa. This school knows all about Patty, spreading the word for TGMR.

Patty participated in 3 full weeks of Ranch Camp for the underpriviledged children. We actually do this “theme” THe “Spirit of Volunteering” at our Annual Ranch Camp-Caring for the Children’s program. Patty is seen & “Heard” Teaching them all”how to be a volunteer”, and about the horses, the ponies, the donkeys, & Respecting all living beings at TGMR.

TGMR’s cheer “Together Everyone Achieve More at TGMR-Hee Haw” was lead by Patty. Fundraisers, community events, Horse/pony rides, and educating any one she meets for the sake & survival of TGMR. Everyone Needs a “Patty”. We are so very honored, blessed, & sincere heartfelt gratitude of “EVERYTHING” Patty has done for TGMR ranch, all 85 permanent animal residents & 2 Baby Boomers Gress FOLKS. Patty is constantly checking on 2 older Gress folks, by calling, coming over, emailing-just down right caring about the founders. The Gress’s are made to “feel” special” about our double exciting challenging mission. We feel that someone is checking in to care about us(Gress folks) too.

That is truly a unique experience we want to “hold on to”. It helps inspire & motivate us and others around. Patty has done all this & more while working her employment as a “kitchen worker” at the Colonel John Siegfried Elementary School in Northampton, Pa. See the photos and share in knowing this “little lady” is very industrious & can make positive impacts in our special place we call The Gress Mountain Ranch.

Enjoy the photos! You will see why Patty is your best choice for “Spirit of Volunteerism”. Thank you all at The Volunteer Center for having a Place in the “hearts” of LV to acknowledge & Appreciate our loved volunteer Patty.

You can see “the spirit” in her eyes, her voice, and her smile. You can feel “the spirit” with your own heart.Then you know “It is real.” With joyful words-We nominate Patty Snell, She definitely has “The Spirit of Volunteering”.