Randy and Rascal were the twin boys from Kristen Kehs, who donated the boys to The Gress Mountain at a young age to provide a great forever home for them. The Gress family did just that–provide a tender loving home to Randy (brown goat) and his twin brother Rascal (black goat). They twin boys were inseparable. They went and did everything together. Kathryn says “I have seen a few twins but never experienced the closeness of the twin boys, till I was graced with the presences of Randy and Rascal. I really miss Randy and loved him so. He was so sweet, except if he wanted to head butt you. then Randy would try to fling his head at you and make contact. Randy a great goat with a soulful presence.

Rascal and Randy

A Tribute to Randy
By Kathryn Gress

Randy, our sweet young boy, died July 7th, 2010, due to kidney stones. Randy had already undergone one minor and then one major bladder surgery. The last surgery only kept Randy free from calcium carbonate stones for 8 months. The intensive bladder surgery was done by Dr. Arlin Wilburs of Quakertown, who performed some life-saving measures for this young goat. I definitely performed some ICU critical nursing care post surgery. The tube in the bladder blocked post surgery and needed frequent observation and flushing. I went up and beyond to save this special goat. It worked for awhile but then the blockages came back. We tried everything but, it came down to preventing suffering. I had to choose no suffering for Randy. Dr. Nate Harvey came to check Randy on July 7th. Randy had symptoms of blockage from the previous 3 days. No irrigations, no pain control, nothing worked. The end was near. I was in tears and Dr. Harvey helped Randy have a good death and peaceful passing. Rascal, his twin brother, watched closely and stayed near the stall door the entire time. Then at the end, Rascal sniffed his twin brother’s body for the last time. Such a sad sad sad, story. Not knowing why! It just happens and it hurts so much.