Rambo The Gress Mountain Ranch Mascot
By Kathryn Gress

Rambo was 16 1/2 years old. That is 3 years past the life expectancy for a large goat. He weighed almost 200 lbs, but his heartfelt magnetism was felt all over. He came to me, when Peach York, the former owner, was moving to California and she asked if I would like to have her goat.

He followed us around like a dog and greeted people at their car when they would come to visit. He demonstrated all the wonderful traits of a real helper to people, the first “therapy goat.” He loved to play, and rear up, and pretend to “ram” you, hence, his name, Rambo. He never hurt anyone, and stayed in the yard and around The Gress Mountain Ranch as the official mascot for the ranch.

It was his ranch and you were his guests. Rambo led me in my path of life, meeting many folks who wanted to meet this spectacular goat with the white goat beard, the soulful eyes and the “airplane ears (ears that stood literally straight horizontally from his head.)

Once, when I was taking Rambo in the car to the vet, I had to stop at my doctor’s office. Rambo, waited patiently in the car with his head in the front seat, looking at all the people. Yes, Rambo was really a people-goat kind of guy. He wanted nothing more than to be with you, and  also, to be with his horse group. Rambo also thought he was a horse.  He first started out as a baby, a truck driver’s goat, that got hit by a car and broke a leg. Peach, took care of him, and took the supposed-to-be pygmy goat home.  He grew and grew and grew to be a very large goat, with a big heart for people.  I acquired him, when Ben, and I moved to the ranch, almost 7 years ago.

Rambo, came into our lives and quietly went out, but he stayed for awhile, 16 1/2 years on God’s Country at The Gress Mountain Ranch. He left his hoof prints on our hearts and we will never be the same.

Ben and I will always. We will miss you, Rambo, but your spirit moves us, each day. Thank you for your gift, being Rambo. With much love, Kathy & Ben