Syka Hya Muchka (“gray hair lady” in Russian) called Mrs. Muchka for short. She was the best therapy cat anyone could want. She crossed over 7/18/06 and is sorely missed by all who met her.

In loving memory of Muchka
By Kathryn Gress

No one else can truly understand the bond Mrs.Muchka and I shared so intimately for over 21 years. It was and still is one of the hardest and most difficult experience to say “Goodbye.”  Mrs. Muchka’s beautiful memories will comfort all of us, as she was a true angel sent from above to help take care of us. Mrs. Muchka came to me as rescue cat, from a lady who’s Russian grandmother had died. Hence the name, Syka Hya Muchka-meaning “gray haired lady”.

Muchka was a purebred, blue Persian cat who came and had 4 beautiful kittens at her young age. Muchka really began to shine when she would meet & greet all the people, in the neighborhood, the community, and in counseling sessions.

Muchka was my cornerstone. She started my Animal-Assisted Therapy program. Muchka, Brutus, and Ziggafouse were my triad, my dynamic group of animal co-therapists that worked their magic on people with psychological challenges.

Muchka worked herself in crowd, with group therapy, in a family or couple sessions, and with individuals. Muchka supported many women in their needs, and was highly sensitive to children, particularly children with hyperactivity, autism, sadness, and grief.

You could find Muchka helping people in the ER, at the bedside of a hospice patient, at many educational workshops and seminars. Muchka had many outfits, from her Santa Claus suit at Christmas time, to her Mennonite bonnet and scarf, made by a kind lady in Kutztown, to her pink straw hat for spring.