Here is Max at 6 months old. Max was a therapy kitten and had a big heart for people and animals. He was abandoned in Philly. His owner had a ‘human’ baby and threw out mother cat and kittens. Only Max survived. He had a large slice on his left shoulder, probably a knife wound. We adopted him October 7, 2006 and we were proud to have him join The Gress Family and our special therapy team of animals.  A big “Thank you” to The Cat Shack and Theresa! Super Cat Rescue!


Memorial for Max, the Kitten
By Kathryn Gress

Death is difficult, for me, sudden death is very hard, and death in a young life is extremely hurtful for me as I write this memorial for Max, the kitten.  Max, really was a cat, a young cat, whose life was swept away due to a fast moving car. Max, died, on Monday, 1/7/08.

This has been a struggle for me to write this, but I will try, to help put Max’s soul at rest.

Max, was feline a domestic shorthaired, male with gray tabby patches on white who’s  birthday would have been 3/21/08, being just two years old.  Max’s story, where he was dumped in the trash as a young kitten and then stabbed in the shoulder, is heroic.  Max, survived the rough streets of Philly…..and was rescued by some loving cat people.

Max, was adopted at 6 months of age to the Gress’s from The Cat Shack.  Max, was provided each day of his life, with the free run of The Gress Mountain Ranch’s home, fresh water, wholesome food, clean litter boxes, wonderful people and animal company, and ever flowing river of people from all walks of life, meeting, and greeting Max.  Max had good quality of life, well taken care and loved by many people, especially, K& B Gress.