Here is Lucille with the Ducks, Red Head and Anxiety. Lucille died November 3rd, 2004 from systemic infections in her body. Unfortunately, the breeder did not give the appropriate vaccinations to Lucille when she was young so her body did not have the immune system to fight any infections.

Tribute to Lucille
By Kathryn Gress

11-03-08, Lucille, only 6 months of age, as a heritage breed, black with white.  Lucille is pictured here with Jenny, the bronze turkey. Lucille, was a very young turkey, who Kathryn chose to work with people who had bird phobias.  Lucille was involved with systematic desensitization where this turkey did help to allay people’s anxiety and worry cycle.  You could handle Lucille, hold her and even carry Lucille around with you. Lucille’s gentle nature and spirit helped people feel more comfortable and relaxed, thus less anxious.

An unexpected sudden illness lead to the death of this turkey. Special thanks go out to all the people that tried to help improve the life of Lucille, especially, Ben Gress, Amy, and Melissa.

I worked diligently for over 4 1/2 days, running IV Multiple electrolytes into Lucille, and PCN shots, trying to give Pedialyte orally, and Corid for the diarrhea. I contacted Rob, who tried to help with Lucille’s weak and debilitated condition.

Lucille also,had feather mites, and Rob suggested Sevin dusting for the mites.  It was only learned later that Lucille had brought those mites with her from her previous placing and was not vaccinated as a young chick. She had no defense to fight any infections. I stayed up with Lucille till 3:30am, trying to give her more IV fluids, and Ben suggested a heat lamp as Lucille’s body temperature was declining. Our usual vet was out on sick leave herself, and not available, but on Monday, before election day, Lucille, lost the fight to live. I made that painful trip to the vet’s office, and together, to help stop Lucille’s pain I chose to euthanize Lucille. There are so many lessons of life. However, the one that shines out for me about Lucille is “do right by the animal.” Provide the proper and needed veterinary care when they are young, give the vaccinations,so they have a fighting chance against infections. I did not learn that Lucille did not have any vaccinations until she was on her death bed.  May Lucille fly over the Rainbow Bridge, enjoy apples, and socializing with the other animals, free range, like she had the chance to in her short life here (only 2 months) at The Gress Mountain Ranch. My life and the lives are richer and more intimate with having known and cared for Lucille.  Thank you for coming into my world, Lucille! KG