Dede, the Morgan Mare (Rescued horse from the slaughter house-Amish Carriage-Buggy Horse). Dede was 31yrs old today, and she died 1/3/2010, due to colic.

Tribute to Dede
By Kathryn Gress

Dede was abandoned at the ranch 4 years to the day. Her former owners gave her up, and left her at the ranch. Ben & Kathryn Gress, took very good care of Dede, and welcomed her as part of the Gress therapy animals. Dede had her own set of problems. She was an older horse with no teeth in her mouth, and she was a bit of a bully picking on the other horses, Sundance and Elle.

Dede, was never mean to the other animals, and had a soft spot for Samson, the Nubian goat. All the goats would follow Dede, and she made it known that she was in charge of the pasture.

Dede could still be ridden, at the ripe old age of 30. English riding was her speciality, but we soon learned that Dede had been  holding out. She could jump! Miss Molly & Julia, and even Darren rode Dede. Dede was very head shy, from some past abuse to her head, but she worked with us to get her bridled up and ready for a ride.

Dede maintained her good weight and ate the best of everything. She was never sick at all for her 4 years at the ranch until 1/2/1, when she was eating for Kathryn, being hand fed. Dede looked at her side, and then suddenly dropped to the ground. It was very surprising as she was a picture of good health. Many folks would comment on how well she looked and were pleasantly surprised to learn of her age.

Darren, a loyal and dedicated volunteer, would frequently spoil Dede with Dubbolin’s apple and carrot treats and hand feed her. Dede would sniff out Darren’s pockets for those dearly loved treats. Dede trusted Darren, and that was a big step for a horse who lost trust with people.

It was hard to say good-bye to a horse that even though, had an attitude adjustment at the ranch, would respond favorable to people, and search her favorite folks out untill she found them.

Dede, we love you, and will miss your whinny and nicker sounds at food time. Dede, you were a great leader and would always lead the group over to the other pasture areas. Thanks for teaching the girls how to ride and for keeping your Buggy horse spirit, in horse heaven. We’ll miss you dearly and mourn your sudden and unexpected death. You remain, forever, “Dede.” K.G.